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Congratulations to our
2018 District 13 Champions

Below is a summary of our teams' tournament progress
Brackets (when available) are on the tournament page
 Age Group ChampionWhat Happened Next?
 8-10Conejo Valley

Section 1 Champions

10-12Conejo Valley
Section 1 Champions

 JuniorThousand Oaks

El Rio

Section 1 Champions

Hall Of Fame entries!
Our website HALL OF FAME features the District 13 champions from each year with a summary of their achievements for the rest of the tournament season.  Parents of District 13 Champions should send  team pictures WITH BANNERS to so we can include them in the hall of fame entry! The rosters will be shown if provided as well! Good Luck to all of our District 13 Champions!

Volunteers In Action

When a District hosts 79 All Star Games, at 4 different venues over the span of 22 days it can only be done with the help of a volunteer staff of umpires, parents and league officials. Volunteerism is the backbone of Little League. Approximately 3000 children in District 13 leagues rely on the work of our volunteers to get the most out of their season and the All Star Tournaments are just an extension of that effort. These volunteers organized the workers and announced the games, prepared the fields, score kept, ran the scoreboards, played the music, manned the grills and snack shacks and umpired the games. Thanks for making these tournaments special for our kids.

Omissions are un-intentional and should be reported to !

Website Brackets (Schedules/Scores)

  • Dave Chavez and Greg King

8-10 U All Star Tournament - Hosted by El Rio LL

  • Tournament Chair Frank Padilla
  • Announcing/Music -BIG- Frank Padilla
  • District Reps Greg King & Helen Lopez
  • Field Prep  Andy Robles, Dan and Danny Mc Farlane, Frank Padilla, Carlos Madera
  • Snack Bar Jenny Padilla, Luke Padilla and Frankie Padilla
  • Scorekeeping/Pitch Count Andy Robles, Sergio Plasencia, Eduardo Ramon, Yvonne Valdez, Dan McFarlane, Carlos Madera
  • Special Thanks to Carlos Madera for providing the P.A. system used in this tournament!

9- 11U All Star Tournaments, District & Section - Hosted by Conejo Valley LL

  • Tournament Chair Will Haigh
  • District Reps Vern Williams & Pat Hendrickson
  • Umpires David Chavez, Walter Davidson, Scott Bramhall, Chris Tucker, Ron Huerth, Ed Stankiewicz, Tom Gasbeck, Rolen Higashida, Bill Davis, Ralph Metz, Vern Williams, Robert Hernandez, Johnny Bailey, Pejman Daneshnia, Bobby Jiron, Dave Chavez
  • Announcing, Music Ben McEnroe, Luke Barnett, Keith Barrett, Austin Manser, Scorekeeping Dave Turley, Anita Figueroa 
  • Field Prep, Snack Bar Stacey Hibbard, Adam Mallord, Johnny Bailey, Dominic Costa, Josh Steiner, Ken Molter, Pat Barwick, Mark Spraggins, Jacob Holt, Rob Atkins, Heidi Hibbard, Darc Barrett, Holly Kim, Keri Van, Ashley Van, Dawn Haigh, Kami McEnroe, Desiree Holt, Elizabeth Atkins, Dan Charoenrath, Lisa Costa, Gianna Costa

Major All Star Tournament - Hosted by Thousand Oaks LL

  • Tournament Chair Jim Volantis
  • District Rep Frank Brady
  • Umpires Ralph Metz, Scott Bramhall, John Cleary, David Chavez, Pejman Daneshnia, Billy Kraemer, Robert Hernandez, Dave Chavez, Chris Tucker, Rolen Higashida, Ron Huerth, Shawn Simpson, Ron Sowers, Monte Murray, Aaron Shrier, Ben Charette, Ken Moss, Jack Tucker, Ed Stankiewicz, Johnny Bailey, Vern Williams, Rik Brooke, Bill Davis
  • Field Prep, Snack Bar Alan Thompson, Amanda Wynalda, Ana, Anand Chinnam, Bobby and Grace Lee
  • Scorekeeping, Music Brian Alexander, Bryan Cusworth, Bryan Denove, Caleb Womack, Carolyn Beer, Chelsea Mitchell, Chad Jacobson, Chris Larkin, Chris Martinov, Dean Pacich, Duane Burton, Gary Paul, Gary Wong, Haley Bacon, Hans Lee, Jack Impellizzeri, James Fujikake, Jarrod Goff, Jen Kodama, Jenny Tattersall, Jerad Manley, Jill Sax, Jimmy Paulsen, Joanna J., Jordan Sweeney, Kim Villalpando, Kory Breuker, Kristina, Kyle Phillips, Lance Snyder, Ling Zito, Lisa C., Lisa Hillsten, Mari N., Matt Kenney, Mike Seidman, Natalie Halvorson, Nicole Seidman, Patrick Murphy, Paula Chermela, Reid Chobanian, Richard Park, Roger Hines, Roland Loo, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Turner, Samy C., Shannon Snyder, Steve Ellis, Tyler Bacon, Tyler Dritz, Vanessa Williams, Vico Family

Junior All Star Tournament, District, Section & State - District 13 Staff, TOLL & CVLL

  • Tournament Chair Roger Lazar
  • District Reps Dave Chavez, Pat Hendrickson, Frank Brady, Kent Groeneveld
  • Umpires Ralph Metz, Scott Bramhall, Bill Davis, Ed Stankiewicz, Rolen Hirohshita, Billy Kraemer, John Cleary, Jack Tucker, Ken Moss, Tom Gasbeck, Ron Huerth, Chris Tucker, Vern Williams, David Chavez, Robert Hernandez, Dave Chavez, Ben Martinez, Al Walters, Carlton Harris, Dominic Machado, Carlos Cruz, Tyrone Powell, Benny Gonzales, Jose Nuno, David Harrison, David Crooks, James Boyd, Junjay Moorthy, John Valverde, Justin Martin, Chris Costlow, Kenny Kobylka, Paul Stack, Mitch Volman, Ming Chiu, Duane Cave, Ray Hennessey, Chris Fischer, Drew Hawn
  • Announcing/Music John Politowski, Robin Hodge, Frank Brady, Candice Williams and Bill Ackerman
  • Snack Shack Randy Riley, Roxy Jimerson, CLU Coaching Staff
  • Scorekeeping Anita Figueroa, Frank Brady, Alan Thompson, Mrs. Shinahara, Dave Turley
  • Scoreboard Ralph Metz, Roger Lazar, Frank Brady, Kent Groeneveld, Felipe Betancourt,Will Haigh
  • Pitch Counting Ana Bolo, Pat Hendrickson, Roger Lazar, Anita Figueroa, Frank Brady
  • Field Prep Craig Welling, CLU Coaching staff

Senior All Star Tournament, Section - District 13 Staff

  • Tournament Chair Roger Lazar
  • District Reps Vern Williams & Pat Hendrickson
  • Announcing/Music John Politowski
  • Scorekeeping Anita Figueroa
  • Scoreboard Felipe Betancourt
  • Umpires David Crooks, John Cleary, Jamie McKean, Dan Cornet
  • Field Prep Craig Welling
  • Snack Bar Randy Riley


Roger Lazar

District Administrator

CA Little League District 13